My Chocolate Story June 11 2015

I am so excited to lauch my new website, selling my delicious handmade chocolates.   When I was 16 years old, I was looking for a little hobby to start.  While shopping with my Mom one day, we decided to stop into a candy store.  I told the owner of the store that I would like to learn how to make molded chocolates.  She sold me a few little supplies to get me started.   I have been making assorted chocolates since.

At the age of 21, I met my husband, Mike.  We were intoduced together by mutual friends, on a blind date.  I decided to make chocolate covered cherry cordials for dessert.  After eating a wonderful meal my friend had cooked for us, she took out the chocolates.  Mike asked me a question I have never heard from a man before.  "Where do you buy your chocolate supplies?"  I was shocked!!!  When did anyone ever care, let alone a man, where my supplies came from??  Well, I proceeded to tell him.  His next response was even more shocking!!!  He explained to me that his Aunt had owned the candy supply store and his Mother ran the business.  Yes, everyone..I knew my future Mother-In-Law before I met my husband.


Yes, over the years I did teach myself how to cook.  Well, I did have four children and husband to feed.  I enjoyed sharing the love and passion I had for food with my children. But chocolate was always an extra fun hobby and activity to work with.  Each year, with each child, I would be invited to his/her's class to do chocolate making.  How fun was that?  To see their eyes light up when I walked through their door.  I bet the student's Moms where especially happy to have their kids return home from school all wired up also.  Definitely, great memories.

Today, I bring you my hand picked, selection of specialty gourmet chocolates that I am very proud of.  I hope you continue to enjoy what my family and friends have enjoyed for many years.