As a certified judge of championship food, I get to open a lot of boxes of incredible food. But here's the sweet truth: no box I ever open truly compares to the sweet goodness packed into Linda's Chocolates. Not only are her confections packed with passion, but they are World Food Championship tested, approved and awarded. So treat yourself! I promise you this.... You'll be grinning almost as much as she does when she's winning!
Mike McCloud
World Food Championships, CEO

     Linda's chocolates are packed with flavor in every morsel and her attention to detail makes for a beautiful presentation.                             

Whitney Miller  winner of season 1 Masterchef in 2010.  

Author of Masterchef cookbook "Modern Hospitality:




A beautiful selection of chocolates with complimentary fillings.  I enjoyed discovering the mysteries within, and like a child opening presents, I couldn't contain myself and I wanted to unwrap and reveal each delicious flavor.  Enjoy these artisan and admire the craftsmanship in each bite - Ben Vaughn  Food Network's Health Inspectors